Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Absurdity Of The Day | Gingrich Espanol Fail

Here we have a Spanish language twitter feed by Newt Gingrich announcing that he will be on FOX News tonight. Imagine that, his first Spanish tweet is to announce he will be on Fox. I'm thinking oxymoron. Remember Newt is opposed to all things bilingual and here he is putting out a bilingual twitter feed. Do you think he'll have the stones to tweet in Spanish that he still thinks that Judge Sotomayor is a racist or reverse racist. I just hope he can read Spanish so that he can enjoy the responses he is sure to get from the Hispanic community. Newt has entertained us for so many years with his absurdities. I'm almost happy he's still around to make me laugh.

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Anonymous said...

well he sure mae Clinton look good.