Monday, July 13, 2009

New Orleans

A while back, I expressed my love of New Orleans to a handful of people and one of the right-wingers in the group charmed in and announced that she had never been to New Orleans and furthermore that she never intended to go there. She slammed the people and the city and suggested that I only went for the booze and to see tits flashed in my face. Finally I'd had enough of her bullshit and politely told the group that I loved New Orleans because of it's culture, the wonderful people, the beautiful architecture, the French influence, the history and the food. Everyone else in the crowd nodded in agreement until the wingnut slithered off, mumbling something about hurricane Katrina and individual responsibility. God I have no use for an ignorant person with no appreciation for culture. Her idea of a cultural experience is most certainly a Friday night tractor pull. Anyway, I'm ready for a return visit to New Orleans. I've been so many times but have not been back since Katrina.


by Michael Boh said...

Great blog Conrad! I'll put a link to it on my own Our Rants & Raves. Btw, I grew up in New Orleans. I always loved it, and still consider it one of my favorite destinations. I always find wonderful new experiences - especially food. It's one of America's more interesting places. Michael

Conrad Strong said...

Thanks Michael. I've linked your blog as well and look forward to following along.

Anonymous said...

There are kooks everywhere. Jeanine Garafolo can attest to that.