Sunday, July 19, 2009

Is The Southern Strategy Finally Dead?

I would contend that the so called "southern strategy," used so effectively for the past several decades by Republicans, is probably dead as a national strategy. I'm thankful for that. But, it's alive and well and being used regularly on a statewide and local basis in southern states and cities. I would like to see the day when southern states and cities also reject the old racial "southern strategy."


Jason Gallimore said...

I think as the younger generation gets older and begins to take public office in greater numbers that you will see a minor shift in the southern strategy. Population growth in the south has also contributed to a more progressive approach in many areas of the south and that should spill over into rural areas eventually. I live in VA-once a very conservative state- and now much more centrist-and we have seen that happen in the last few years. Look at what we saw in regards to VA and NC in the last election. I definitely think we are making slow but steady progress.

Conrad Strong said...

I agree Jason. It was refreshing to see the VA and NC shift in the 2008 election. I'm still waiting on Lindsey Graham to drown himself, as he promised to do if Obama won NC. LOL