Friday, July 17, 2009

Back In Campaign Mode on Health Care Reform


We have talked and talked and talked about fixing health care for decades. And we have finally reached a point where inaction is no longer an option -- where the choice to defer reform is nothing more than a decision to defend the status quo. And I will not defend the status quo.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he should answer a few questions:
How much will it cost?
Will congress be signing onto the same plan?
Will we have to go through a beauracy(like they do in all other societies with the same plan) and have some gov't employee deciding if we are worth the cost of a certain treatment?
Will there be long waiting lists for standard procedures?
How can we trust government with another failed program,ie SS,medicare,medicaid,vet care,stimulus pkg.

Sorry but these are important questions that need to be answered. Maybe they should actually read this bill and allow amendements or do they just want to impose their will on all of us.
How will spending 2 trillion dollars save money and improve quality?
Does anyone care about these things or do they just want to push this throuhg without any oversight because Obama says so?

Conrad Strong said...

I'd love for you to show me one elderly retired person on a fixed income that thinks Social Security and medicare are failed programs. I've never seen one of them offer to give it up.

I'd rather have a not for profit bureaucrat decide whether I can get a procedure than a for profit one getting a bonus for denying coverages in order to please Wall Street investors.

Anonymous said...

Ther s no plan and he wants it pushed through before anyone has a chance to read the bill,similar to the stimulus.
He also said we need to caut bac on medicare to pay for a new system. In other words as Tom aschel said"Old people just need to suck it up"