Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bill Maher on Hardball Last Night | VIDEO

Bill Maher appeared on Hardball last night with Chris Matthews. As usual, Maher's dry wit and humor had Chris and I cracking up with laughter. They talked about Maher's recent road appearances in the South, the Sotomayor confirmation hearing and about all the sleazy sex scandals going on in the world of politics. Click the play button and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

M endacious
S ychophantic
N attering
B ootlicking
C ollaborators

Conrad Strong said...

Anonymous what a fun little game. Let me give it a try:

F earful
O bnoxious
X enophobic

N ews
E nterprise
W ithout
S ensibleness

Anonymous said...

good job,lol!