Monday, July 06, 2009

Intellectuals Have Left the Republican Party

These idiots can't even spell:

Intellectual and moderate Eisenhower conservatives have left the Republican party. My God the hard core base that remain as the Republican party despise anything intellectual, educational, cultural or historical and it shows. Just look at some of the signs from these tea party events. The spelling and grammar make the signs look like they were made by third graders. I just read a comment posted by a wingnut that says, "Obama is a hack and a joke,more oever an embarisment." Have you ever noticed that every time one of these wingnuts tries to trash the intellect of a Harvard educated man, they in fact show themselves to be the uneducated idiot? They just embrace mediocrity. Proof in point is the fact that they still consider Sarah Palin to be the star of the GOP, even after her incoherent resignation news conference last week. I guess that I should be happy that Republicans embrace such people but I just have no use for stupid people and I damn sure don't want them running the country.

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