Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sessions Just Keeps Showing His True Self

Senator Sessions (R-AL) came out and told reports that Sotomayor's testimony was "muddled." He went on to say, “I do think Roberts and Alito are far superior in terms of answering questions crisply and with clarity and having very little inconsistencies in what they said...” It sounds like he's trying to imply that she's not as articulate as a white man. Let me be more blunt, he's playing to a racist constituency back home in Alabama. I know a little something about this coded language because I live in the middle of the deep South and I immediately picked up on his message. The Senate Democratic Leadership office put together the above video to show just how wrong he is. Whether it's just politics or more troubling deep-seeded Alabama racism, it's a real shame to see the top Republican on the committee showing so little respect. There's nothing wrong with him asking tough questions and nothing wrong disagreeing with her answers or positions on the law but Senator Sessions has crossed into something far different from that.

HT: Think Progress


Nancy said...

Even without the code words, his condescending tone made me want to reach through the screen to slap him (figuratively of course) :). I applaud Sotomayer for her restraint and solid, calm demeanor. Sessions proves how right we've all been about republicans. Racist, sexist, authoritarians who hide behind their religion that cloaks a clear lack of intelligence. Or so they think.

Conrad Strong said...

I agree completely Nancy. Wouldn't you love to know the thoughts running through Judge Sotomayer's head as she listens to these guys? I'll bet she's screaming inside.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed Sotomayer's big lovefest.
nlike the lovefest for Thomas,Alito or Roberts.

I say republicans should ave just confirmed her without questions an made and stated that they are not oing to question her as there is already enough votes to confirm her because anything we say will be deemed "racist" .