Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Intellectual Incurious Modern Conservative

This observation form Oliver Willis is too true not to pass along:

"The last eight years and John McCain and Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh tell us all we need to know about the right’s intellect. They are for war for no good reason, covering up said war when it goes bad, torture, tax cuts for the wealthy, economic and educational disparity between the rich and poor, racial and sexual discrimination, immoral smearing of political opponents, speaking in the language of moral superiority while engaging in immoral personal behavior, neglect of government’s role as a watchdog and instead use it to enable corporate crime and the resulting economic malaise, and above all else the elevation of the intellectually uncurious over science and the advancement of knowledge."
Michael Boh posted an account on his Our Rants & Raves blog saying that he "attended another dinner over the weekend where a political debate broke out and the minority at the event offered the rest of us a political and sociological glimpse into just how unyielding America's Republicans are today" It's a great story and one that many of have experienced ourselves. These far right wingers just can't be reasoned with and many of us have stopped trying. It's pointless.

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